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So give me the wind, let it blow in my face,
The more I confront, the more strength I'll embrace.
Steps are not mounted, nor challenge o'ercome.
Without certain courage or effort be done.

Inspirational Poems

I am at my best with the wind in my face,

When overcoming the challenge, with pace.

The pace that requires more effort, more strength.

But once gained momentum, endures with great length.

It's easy to sit back, placid and calm

Comfort is only a relative balm.

It seems an advantage, better than strife

But is dulled by stagnation, stifling life.

Progress needs movement, energy, drive,

No chance for improvement if you do not strive.

Nothing's for nothing: cause and effect.

That which you work for, you've more chance to get.

So give me the wind, let it blow in my face,

The more I confront, the more strength I'll embrace.

Steps are not mounted, nor challenge o'ercome.

Without certain courage or effort be done.



Why not?


Give yourself a moment's rest.

Smiling helps us be our best.

Not allowing outside things,

To get us down, or clip our wings.

For we are children of the One,

So don't deprive yourself true fun

For in it's spirit we can be

Victors for eternity.

Life is opportunity!

Every day,

All seem it gray,

Can stimulate new thought.

Chance is not what rules the world

There's purpose everywhere,

It's just for us to recognise

The pearl that's waiting there.

The opportunity for us,

To learn and serve and grow.

The harder that the 'problem' seems

The higher we can go.

What is ours will come to us,

So fear becomes inept.

Just find the gift in everything

And we'll become adept.

Inspirational Poems About Life

Make a memory with your children, Spend some time to show you care;

Toys and trinkets can't replace those Precious moments that you share.

Money doesn't buy real pleasure, It doesn't matter where you live;

Children need your own attention, Something only you can give.

Childhood's days pass all too quickly, Happy memories all too few;

Plan to do that special something, Take the time to go or do.

Make a memory with your children, Take the time in busy days;.

Have some fun while they are growing, Show your love in gentle ways.

Life is a very special gift,

given from one greater than ones-self.

You only get it once,

because once is all you need.

You can't replace it,

but at any time anything can take it,

So many times souls abuse it.

You live life in such a short time,

so live it long and don't be blind.

For life is a special gift,

so live it to the fullest,

for you have such little time.

Close your eyes, open your heart

concentrate hard, get ready to start.

It is almost time to lift off and fly to God.

Believe in God and you'll fly very high.

Open your wings, spread them out

This is what flying is all about.

I know you can make it through this test.

Come on now. Do your best.

Now that you can fly and soar,

you can enter that successful door.

You've spread your wings and lifted your voice.

It's now time for others to make the right choice.

Short Inspirational Poems

you gotta aspire

before you climb the highest mountain

reach the highest peak

breathe in that breath of life

take your first step

self realization

you did it with the help of God

overcame all those obstacles

that waited on every turn

every turn of your life

every hurdle that was put in front

put in front of you

still you ran that race

still raised a smile or two

a moment of self dicovery

you discovered the real you

Life is just a journey

Full of twists and bends

But when you rely on family

And the value of your friends

You’ll find that the journey is easier

that the path is not as rough.

Each step you take with others

Helps it not be so hard and tough.

Life is full of choices

And full of hard decisions.

But I know that you’ll come through

And that you’ll do what’s right.

Don’t forget to give me a call

I’m here to lend a hand.

You’re my friend, through and through

And I’ll do whatever I can.

I know that times are hard now

and I know you’re feeling down.

But you have strength to get through

and I know that you’ll be okay.

Keep looking toward the future

This time will soon pass by.

And I will be your shoulder

If you need to cry.

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